The New York City Sub Culinary Map

The New York City Sub Culinary Map

In 2009, I found this poster. The artists of the piece, Rick Meyerowitz (of the famed National Lampoon) and Maira Kalman (whose work I’ve followed since receiving her illustrated copy of “The Elements of Style” from my friend Rachel in 2007) spent over a year traveling New York City by subway to recreate a map inspired by the MTA’s. Their lens? Food. Needless to say, I wasn’t at all surprised when Maira’s book, the illustrated version of “Food Rules,” by Michael Pollan, came out last year. When I asked Maira to attend the Food Book Fair over an email the first week of January of this year, I couldn’t help but gush over the poster, “Did you ever print it?,” I asked. Do you have copies we could sell at the Food Book Fair??”

Shocked that it hadn’t really seen the full light of day, my dream came true. And with Rick and Maira’s full endorsement (they’ve offered to sign some Limited Edition prints too!), it will indeed see another life as the printed poster at the Food Book Fair.

I see the New York City Sub-Culinary Map as a veritable love story. I can’t wait to help print this gorgeous poster for the Fair; nothing could be more fitting. Click-through on the poster for more details on Rick and Maira’s story of the making.

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