While the artists around me shared their artwork with their students, during my first cooking job at the Summer Institute at The Kitchen in 2000, I sought to fuel their creative energy with food.  It was thrilling when Philip Glass told me I made the best lentils he’d ever eaten.

Food is the medium and message.

Since then, I’ve worked for architect David Rockwell, led cycling tours through Sonoma’s wine country and farmed sturgeon in California and Idaho with the James Beard Award-winning Tsar Nicoulai Caviar.

Obsessed with food systems within popular culture, I work tirelessly to keep one foot in culture and one in systems.  While curating the Union Square Pavilion (the limestone structure and to be determined restaurant location next to the Greenmarket) this past season and performed as a yogurt-innoculating nurse in Jennifer Rubell’s “Incubation” at Art Basel in Miami in December of 2011, I had a lightbulb moment.

The Food Book Fair is the culmination of this myriad of projects.  As the founder, I will bring together the food publications and visionaries that have shaped and challenged our food systems.  Permeating through art, design, fashion, architecture, activism and publishing, the Food Book Fair is a festival of food culture, bringing together aforementioned ideas into one space.

Some clients and collaborators include:  Greenmarket/GrowNYC, Jennifer Rubell, DROOG, Marije Vogelzang, Marti Guixe, PERFORMA, Lauren Adolfsen, Trade School, Design Language, Emilie Baltz, The Chapin Sisters, Carol Cho, GoldRun, Erin Marie Sickler, Primizie Fine Foods, Rockwell Group, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Skillshare, Swallow Magazine, Expotential (futureflair, Leong-Leong, Smart Design), Renee Rupcich

Credit: Nadya Wasylko

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